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P Balachandran
Film Writer, Actor and Lecturer

P. Balachandran (born in 2nd February, 1952 at Sasthamcotta ), is one of the most versatile and towering personalities of malayalam literature, cinema and the theatre scene.

P Balachandran completed his MA degree in Malayalam Language from Kerala University, Subsequently he is a Bachelor in Theatre Arts (BTA). He took his B.Ed. Degree too.

He started his Service as a Lecturer in the School of Letters, MG University, Kottayam, Kerala.

He has written and directed many plays in Malayalam. Makudi (One Act Play Collection), Pavam Usman (Play Collection), Mayaseethankam (Plays), Natakolsavam (Plays) are the Plays written by him.

Ekaki, Iago, Good Woman of Setzwan, Thetre therapy, Oru Madhyavenal Prenaya Ravu etc are some of the plays directed by P. Balachandran.

He is also a popular script writer in Malayalam Film industry. Uncle Bun, Ulladakkam, Pavithram, Thacholi Varghese Chekavar, Agnidevan (co-operate with Venu Nagavally), Punaradhivasam, Police are some of his famous works.

As a Film artist he acted in some movies too, Sesham, Vakkalathu Narayanankutti, Malayalee mamanu vanakkam, Punaradivasam, Sivam, Jalamarmaram etc are some of them.

He has achieved many awards, Kerala Sahithya Academy Award (1989) for Best playwright for PAVAMUSMAN. Kerala State Government Professional Drama Award (1989) for playwright 2nd prize for PRETHIROOPANGAL. Kerala Chalachithra Academy Award (1999) for Best Story written for PUNARADIVASAM. Padmarajan Puraskaram (1999) for Best Screen Play Award for PUNARADIVASAM. Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy Award (2009) for Playwright.

About his Family, Sreelatha is his wife and a son Sreekanth Chandran, a daughter Parvathy Chandran.


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P Balachandran

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