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Kottakkuzhi Sukumaran
Ex. MLA, A veteran political and Trade Union Worker

Kottakkuzhy Sukumaran, a veteran political and Trade Union Worker was born at west kallada on November 8, 1940.

He entered in politics through Indian National Congress in his early ages and later joined PSP. He has actively participated in the liberation struggle to topple first elected govt. in kerala, popularly known as vimochana samaram in 1959. He was taken in to police custody and imprisoned in Pattanamthitta jail during the emergency period in 1975.

Member: Kerala State Executive Committee of Janata Party and vice president HMS Kollam Dist. Committee.
Director board member: Kerala State Handicapped Development Corporation.
Director: Kerala State Artisans Development Corporation.
Member: Kerala State SC/ST Development Corporation.

The below listed are few of the development works done in his initiative.

1. He was instrumental to bring the Taluk head quarters to Sasthamkotta.
2. He started a govt. programme to feed the monkeys and installed hangers to rest.


3. He helped to start the childrens’ park in Sasthamkotta.
4. He initiated the forestation in Rajagiri and around the lake and launched a boat to supervise these activities.
5. Brought KDS programme in kunnathur.
6. Thodiyur bridge and a bund road to pavumba across the paddy fields and lake was done in his leadership.
7. Established Harijan Handloom co-op society in Bharanikkavu.
8. Established Womens’ co-op bank in Sasthamkotta.
9. Made several MLA roads.
10. Helped many poor families who were tenants in govt. lands to legalise their land and helped them to make housing with govt. support.

About his family, Wife: T Chinnamma and 3 Children: Dinakar Kottakkuzhy, Suganthy Kottakkuzhy,
Swapna Kottakkuzhy

He passed away on April 06, 2007 after an unequalled life for the society, the needy in particular.


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Kottakkuzhi Sukumaran

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