Shri.V Parameswaran Nair / V P Nair



Shri.V Parameswaran Nair / V P Nair
Ex. MP, Advocate Supreme Court

Sri. VP Nair born on 1918 to the then well known and aristocratic “Sadasyathilakam” T.K. Velupillai and Bhagavathi Amma. A versatile parliamentarian of yesteryears, served two terms in the Indian Parliament from 1952 to 1962, both times sitting in the opposition bunch. At both the parliament Pandit Nehru was the Prime Minister. Mr. V.P Nair was first elected as a communist supported independent from Chirayinkeezhu and in the second instance as a Communist candidate from Kollam. During the second term when he contested from the then Quilon Parliament Constutuency his opponent was none other than the very powerful trade unionist of RSP, Mr. Sreekantan Nair. Quoting from the words of P.K. Vasudevan Nair in the book “Smrithimayookham” a memoir published after the death of V.P. Nair, he was stated that communist party which was highly equipped to contest the first Lokhsabha Election and Chirayinkeezh was never in the list of constituencies from where possibility for contesting the election with in the communist world. He went in to the fray with party’s consent.

As a parliamentarian he shone like a glittering star. His bluntness when telling truth sometimes could be a problem to P M Jawaharlal Nehru. He was frank in his talk and fearless in his expressions. A quotable instance of his courageous behavious could be looked in to when P S Rao was advisor to the Governor when the communist ministry of EMS was dismissed, before presenting the budget in the assembly; letters went to Kerala MPs for a discussion, which was signed by his driver R. Achuthan Nair, paying him in the same coin.

To look at his other capabilities, he was a good tennis player and has won many tournaments alone and in doubles events partnering his elder brother Mali. He won many trophies in field events too, but never tried to swim even though he lived by the side of Sasthamkotta lake.

Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer remembers meeting him in Moscow, when V.K. Krishnamenon the then Indian ambassador in USSR telling him that the ability of V P Nair to the present Indian views in international fora where he is in the deligation for some deliberation. His mastery command over both English and Malayalam and also his depth of knowledge compiled by vast and extensive reading made his presence felt where ever he was.

V.P. Nair being a multi faced personality started the weekly “Keralasabdam”. It was the serene environs of Sasthamcotta lake that prompted him to settle down on the banks of Sasthamcotta lake, now a Ramser site.

He was married to Lalith P Nair of the Koyikkonathu family of Thumpamon, niece of the famous writer “Pandalam K.P”. His children are Dr. Sasidharan, a skin specialist, Dr. Harikumar, an orthopedician, both working in UK and the youngest of three Viswanathan Nair (Thilak paints)

Compiled by Prof. S. Govinda Pillai


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Shri.V Parameswaran Nair / V P Nair

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