History & Culture Sasthamcotta

Sasthamcotta is a well historic place where the Second World Religion Conference had been held, in which the Global Religious Celebrities had particularly participated. Sasthamcotta had in addition to be witnessed to the Huge Disasters like Folidol Tragedy  and Lake Tragedy. The Folidol Tragedy  rewarded Sasthamcotta, a Never Forgettable Black Day.


World Parliament of Religions at Sasthamcotta
Sasthamcotta played host to the World Parliament of Religions in 1971, which was attended by representatives of all religions from Asia, Europe, Africa and America. Tourists from all parts of the world have visited Sasthamcotta who have invariably gone back with fond memories of the place.Spiritual Image is the ever time secret of illustriousness of Sasthamcotta. This Land of Virtue was chosen for the Whole Religion Conference, as a God’s Own Country!  Dr.Nataraja Guru set Sasthamcotta for this great purpose by putting naturally beautiful Varkala away from the Opportunity. It was undergone on March 1971. On the decorated  Sasthamcotta hill stations , different kinds of Linguists , different kinds of Ritualists , different kinds of Priests, and different kinds of Religious Presidents from different poles of World met together, exchanged their ideas , discussed spirituality , introspected and they stated together that all religions upholding theories were single and integrated . They stated   Equality and Brotherhood.  The Image of existing religious unity and people brotherhood in Sasthamcotta for many Centuries could be doubled by this Conference.  Sasthamcotta caused to spread this Unity Image over the Outside World by and large, and hence placed itself a Mega Historic Event in the World History.


Folidol Tragedy at Sasthamcotta:
On 1958 April 29, it was an extremely shocked disaster undergone in Sasthamcotta. The Lok Sahay Sena , a Para Military Division of Defence of India, had conducted a Camp in Sasthamcotta. Lok Sahay Sena was an agency Organization for conducting Training to the Para Military Force. It’s intention in Sasthamcotta was to recruit and train efficient young People into Para Military Force. 3 Battalions were camped here under Commander Raja Manikiam. The Camps were located here where presently the Government Higher Secondary School being ran. On April 28, after the Morning Training and Break Fast  Meals, eaten each soldier swooned one by one. The eaten Monkeys in the Sasthamcotta Temple passed away together. The eaten Crows and other Birds passed away on the Sky. Commander Raja Manikiam and Officers  wandered not knowing that what was happening. Yet, including 64 Soldiers in Lok Sahay Sena, 74 People unfortunately died in the Camp. More over, Commander Raja Manikiam too killed himself by having poisoned food which was dished up for his Sub Ordinates and Civilians.  Sasthamcotta became an altar ocean where neither Specialist Doctors nor Hospitals were to treat.


The Lake Tragedy :
Sasthamcotta Lake is peaceable as a matter of fact. But, as first in its History,in the Morning of 16th Jan. 1982, the Lake got violent . Wednesday and Saturdays are the Market Days in the Sasthamcotta Market which is the largest Public Market in Kunnathoor Thaluk. On these Days, number of boat passengers may be huge. On that Saturday, a non engined boat with full of people dipped in the depth of the Lake, at the midst of the Lake. Overloading was the Cause behind that Tragedy. 24 Human Lifes were lost into the undefined depth.The inspiration of the malayalam movie Ambalakkara Panchayath ( Kadhaparayum Kayal) was derived from the Sasthamcotta Lake Tragedy. Year of Release / Production 1988. Director – Kabeer Rawuthar. Music Director – Jerry Amaldev. Lyricist – Bichu Thirumala. Producer – Samrattu Films. Cast – Soman, Karamana Janardhanan Nair, Balan K Nair, Sunny, Jayabharathy, Unni Mary.