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Pilgrimage Places @ Sasthamcotta
Temples in Sasthamcotta Theerthadanam (Sasthamcotta Pilgrimage)

There are innumerable opportunities in Sasthamcotta for the pilgrims who come here to achieve divine satisfaction and blessings of the lord. There are various pilgrim destinations in Sasthamcotta which are spectacular and have great religious significance. The pilgrimage destinations in Sasthamcotta are a brilliant illustration of religious harmony and secular co- existence. There are various destinations for pilgrimage all over of Sasthamcotta / Kunnathur Taluk that cater to the spiritual needs of people belonging to different religions be it Muslims, Hindus, Christians or any other.

You are most welcome to the pilgrimage destinations located here in Sasthamcotta. Sasthamcotta’s religious places can also be called as Kerala Pilgrim centers since most of these have become significant pilgrim destinations with time. A person visiting Sasthamcotta can feel the holy presence in this state and can experience the inscrutable process of cleansing in the divine presence. After returning from this tour you will feel the spirit of happiness, goodness, and joy inculcated in you.

Not only temples, there are various other mosques and churches as well which are highly famous and are visited by people all the year around.

Dedicated to the Goddess Durga and Bhadra Kali is situated in Sathamcotta Manakkara, one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Kollam. This temple has a difference with other temples that Devi is looking towards North direction. Kuthiyottam is the famous vazhipad here. Kaaliyoot, Pooppadathullal, Manjaneeratu, Kuruthi, Marakara pongal, Manjapongal etc are some of the important follow here. Come and experience a special form of happiness as you get a darshan of Goddess Bhadrakali at this temple. Ammankuda Maholsavam (Yearly Temple Festival for 8 days) is celebrated during the Malayalam month of Meenam; Starts on 2nd Tuesday of Meenam and ends on 3rd Tuesday of Meenam every year.

Ammankovil Devi temple opens regularly on all 1st day of Malayalam month, Tuesdays and Fridays. Other than this, temple opens on all special occasions like Deepavali, Thiruvonam, Durgashtami, Mahanavami, Vijayadasami etc. Mandalakalam is on Malayalam month Vrischikam. 41 days of Chirappu will be happening every year. In the 41st day Pooppadathullal will happen, and then temple will close for 1 week. After the week temple open along with “Manjappongal” (Yellow pongal).

Kuthiyottam at Sasthamcotta Ammankovil
Kuthiyottam is one of the main offering at the Ammankovil Devi Temple. Young boys between 4 to 14 years are taught Kuthiyottam, a ritual dance. After the circumambulation the boys stands at a position facing the Sreekovil and begins to dance.

MAKARAPPONGAL is another important offering at Ammankovil Devi Temple. This will happen every year. The offering is made on the the Malayalam month Makaram last Sunday. The offering 'Pongala' is prepared using rice, jaggery and coconut and is cooked in two to three hours' time.

The people born under Viswakarma community perform the religious rituals at Ammankovil Temple.

Location and Contact details: Temple situated in Manakkara, Sasthamcotta (Near Excise Office). It is in the Petrol Station – Filter house road. Phone : 00 91 9287 983381.

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Thalayinakkavu Shiva Parvathi Kshethram the name of the temple itself is suggestive. It has a connotative relation with myth of Arjuna who receives “Pasupathasthra” from Lord Siva in the form of Kiratha.. Lord Siva (Kiratha) after erxamines the courage and temper of Arjuna bestows him with “Pasupathasthra”. Then Lord Siva took repose and he placed his head on the lap of Parvathy. Hence derived the name Thalayinakkavu. Lord Siva and Sakthi are worshipped with equal importance and the temple is adorned with the blessings of both Siva and Sakthi.

The temple is situated in a nature blessed geographical location. The presence of Kallada river, Ashttamudi lake and punja ( paddy field) near the temple makes it a wonderful natural experience to the visitors. The temple is situated near Karali jn. in Sasthamcotta - Chavara road. Bus facilities are available from Kollam, Karunagappally, Adoor, Kottakkara and Kayamkulam K.S.R.T.C Bus Station. ( only on Saturdays). Visit website


Poruvazhy Peruviruthy Malanada is a major pilgrim attraction 6 km away from Sasthamcotta. The temple is dedicated to Duryodhana of the Mahabharata. The main ritual offering of this temple is toddy, an alcoholic beverage extracted from the coconut palm. The annual festival is a one-day ceremony conducted in March. The highlight of the festival is the Kettukazhcha. It is a striking example of the traditional celebrations of Kerala and attracts numerous people from the vicinity. The word Malanada literally means ‘Temple on a Hill’ and true to its name, Malanada is situated on a small hill. Unlike in other temples, there is no idol nor Sreekovil (inner sanctum where the idol is situated) in Malanada. There is only a Nada (Temple) on a Mala (Hill). From the hill, to the South and West can be seen the green fields of paddy and to the North and East, habitated agricultural land. In place of Sreekovil and idol there is a raised platform called Althara (Mandapam). In the absence of an idol, devotees submit themselves to a divine power through a mental process of Sankalpam. (imagination) .Read More


Kumaranchira Devi Temple, A must visit temple Dedicated Devi, is one of the most celebrated Hindu shrines of Kunnathoor Taluk. The temple is located in Patharam, 4 kms away from Sasthamcotta.


One of the popular pilgrimage place in "Sasthamcotta Theerthadanam". A must visit temple Dedicated to the deity Lord Sri Parthasarathy, the temple at Muthupilakkad is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Sasthamcotta.


Bharanikavu is famous for its Devi Temple, and it is 2km away from Sasthamcotta, one of the famous temple in Kunnathur Taluk of more than 50 years of old. The famous Bharani festival is on Malayalam era's month Meenam's "Bharani Nakshtram". That’s why this place is called Bharanikavu.


In Quilon district, Shooranadu panchayath at Kottappuram stop of Kayamkulam -Sasthamkotta route is this 'Narasimha temple' . Main deity in Narasimha. Daily three poojas and Keezhthamarassery do the thanthram. Temple faces east sub deities are Siva, Bhuvaneswary, Nagaraja, Nagayakshi. 10 days festival celebrated during month 'Makaram' and 'Arattu' on thiruvonam main offering is elephant procession (Ezhunellath). This is one of the temple in Kerala where maximum number of elephant are lined up in procession. Read More

Other Main Temples in and around Sasthamcotta

Kannampallikkavu Devi Temple, Sasthamcotta
Kumaranchira Devi Temple, Patharam
Chittakkad Devi Temple, Inchakkad, Kakkakkunnu
Chakkuvally Parabhrahma Temple, Chakkuvally
Panappetty Ashramam Temple, Cinemaparampu
Venga Ilayappan Temple, Venga PO, Sasthamcotta
Kochukaleekkal Sri Bhadrakali Temple, pallisserikkal
Kunnathoor Nediyavila Devi Temple
Sooranad North Veetinal Devi Temple
Sooranad Komalavalleeswaram Temple
Poruvazhy Thavanoorkav Indiliyappan Bhagavathi Temple
West Kallada Kodumthuruthil Subhrahmanya Temple
Valiyapadam Chakkulam Durga Devi Temple
Venga Thannikkal Bhuvaneswaree Temple
Iverkala Bharanikavu Devi Temple
Mynagappally Mannoorkkav Bhagavathi Temple