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Festivals in and around Sasthamcotta

sasthamcotta festival

Sasthamcotta Temple Festival
The highlight of Sree Dharmasastha temple is the ten-day annual festival. During the festival, the colourful Kettukazhcha ritual procession, along with various folk arts such as Mayilattam, Kaala (bull motif), Kuthira (horse motif), Ammankudam are performed, and also morethan 25 elephants take part. The festival concludes with the Arattu ceremony held at midnight.

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kallada jalolsavam

Kallada Jalolsavam
Kallada Boat Race (The Kallada Jalotsavam) is one of the most famous boat races held in South Kerala, India. The boat race is an annual event in which almost all the famous snake boats (Chundanvallam) take part. The Jalamela is organised with a view to promoting tourism and also to encourage the spirit of water sports among the youth of Kerala.

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anayadi gajamela

Anayadi Temple Festival - Gajamela
The annual elephant pageantry held at the Anayadi Pazhayidam Sri Narasimha Swami Temple, the lion headed incarnation of Lord Vishnu. If one is inclined to define beauty in terms of size, then, the annual elephant pageantry held at the Anayadi Pazhayidam Sri Narasimha Swami Temple at Sooranad North, 8 KM away from Sasthamcotta, definitely justifies the case.

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Malanada Malakkuda Festival
The temple where this festival is held is unique in that it is dedicated to Duryodhana, the enemy of the virtuous Pandavas, heroes of the epic Mahabharata. This is perhaps the only one of its kind in the whole of India. The festival highlights include various folk art performances, a Kettukazhcha procession and the Kaala vela. The decorated temple chariot is a beautiful sight. 

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grand kerala

Grand Kerala Shopping Festival at Sasthamcotta
Asia's largest shopping festival, every year from 1st December to 15th January.
The shopping extravaganza - the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival (GKSF), is all poised to turn Kerala in to a BIG shopping mall. The event has been conceived and organized to give a big leap for the trade and commerce in Kerala. Shops at Sasthamcotta also participate in this Grand Kerala Shopping Festival. During this time Promotions and Draws will happen Through this shopping festival, the Kerala Government intends to transform the State into a hub for international shopping experience and there by “Launch Shopping Tourism” in the State.

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Other Festivals
Kumaranchira Kettukazhcha - Patharam (4 km away from Sasthamcotta)
Mayyathumkara Mosque Chanthanakkudam - Chakkuvalli (4 km away from Sasthamcotta)
St. Thomas Church Festival - Sasthamcotta (2 km away)